2015. január 12., hétfő

Land Rover Mountain Rescue

I haven´t posted for a while but I have new projects, not one... Here is my 10 day project for a design challenge, where we had to choose an iconic car to redesign and a sophisticated lamp design. Yesterday was the deadline so now I can upload it (I hope).  Aaaand here is my concept :
I took inspiration of iconic Land Rover Series 2 which was specialized to a mountain rescue car. On my new concept  the main headlamps are Bi-Xenon AFS lamps. The car has a drone which helps to search and find people who are in trouble.

The secondary front lamp and the rear lamp are inspired by the mountainous environment where the mountain rescue works. The lights were also inspired by infinity mirror illusion which gives some depth for the "cracks". It needs only a mirror and a half reflective mirror as a lamp cover glass.

On the car's roof is a trunk where the drone is stored.

The drone facilitates the searching and speeds up taking people to the hospital. The drone has a Bi-Xenon AFS lamp and a camera with infrared night vision. The lamps and the camera can rotate in 160 degrees. The rotor could rotate in 90 degrees, that's why the drone can significantly speed up. When the mountain rescue wants to speed up the searching they release the drone which is directed from the car's back seat. Owing to the drone both people in the car can search – one with the car and one with the drone. When they find the injured , it need to be taken to the hospital as much quickly as they can. On the roads nobody could use high beam if someone is coming towards to you which could slow down the transport. In this case the drone can light forward to extend the field of vision. This function could be used in poor visibility conditions too , for example in foggy weather (owing to the infrared camera) and the driver could follow the light coming from the drone. When they reach the city and there is a traffic jam that's a big problem. Owing to the drone in heights and its camera , the drone "manager" can say to driver how he can evade the traffic jam.

Hope you like it :)

2014. október 22., szerda

Quick thumbnails

Quick thumbnails...I tried to keep the 7-9 minute limit. I have to practice it, because I always want to paint the details.

2014. március 15., szombat

Poem inspired car design : Petőfi Sándor - Nemzeti dal

Petőfi Sándor : Nemzeti dal

I tried to express feelings what I felt in this poem, for example: fighting for independence,oppressed but strong and aggressive